JD forces Pankti to say ‘I Love You’ in “Tu Aashiqui”

At one place where the story of ‘Tu Aashiqui’  is talking about the beautiful love story of Ahaan and Pankti which is about to begin, the other side of the story shows a dark life that Pankti has been forced into. Unable to express, unable to breathe young and innocent Pankti is living a life which is not less than a nightmare.

Pankti’s mother is constantly under a fear, she remains worried about Pankti because of her friendship with Ahaan who is JD’s own nephew! As a mother she expresses how she feels helpless to get her daughter out of this hell, as money is an important aspect of life and they need money.

Suddenly JD calls and demands Pankti’s mother to make him talk to Pankti. Fearful Pankti takes the call and JD apologizing for his behavior asks her to forgive him. Pankti hesitatingly says yes. Later JD asks her to say I LOVE YOU which she is unable to. He says when he sees her next he wants her to say those three words till then she should practice saying the same.

Just when Pankti is trying to say I LOVE YOU Ahaan drops in secretly. Pankti gets surprised and scared seeing him in her room. She gets worried. Ahaan who is totally smitten by her beauty and deeply in love with her asks her to repeat what she just said. Pankti says that was not for him to which Ahaan replies saying but it wasn’t a mere coincidence that she said those words when he just arrived.

Getting a little serious Ahaan asks Pankti to share what has been bothering her, why is she always tensed and sad, he says he would like to get her out of this.
While they are talking, Pankti’s mother knocks the door. Ahaan hides as Pankti opens the door.

As per the plot, audience has seen Jayant (Rahil Azam) torturing Pankti (Jannat Zubair Rahmani) by making her stand in a ring and lighting crackers around her to scare her.

Now, in the coming episode, Ahaan (Ritvik Arora) will cheer up Pankti by singing songs for her. The duo will also celebrate Diwali together. However, Anita (Gauri Pradhan Tejwani) will see them and get furious. She will take Pankti away from Ahaan.

Later, Jayant will force Pankti to say ‘I love you’ to him and would torture her more. Meanwhile, Ahaan will sneak into Pankti’s room and would leave a flower on her bed.

Aparna (Dolphin Dubey) will apply haldi on Pankti’s face but Anita will get angry seeing her performing the ritual.

The story of ‘Tu Aashiqui’ is getting really intense!
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